A New Hamptons-Style House in Wembley Downs

Having built four houses across a range of looks from coastal to Colonial to contemporary, empty nesters Debra and Steve knew exactly what style they wanted their next home to be. The end result is what they both call their dream house – a beautiful, timeless Hamptons-style home perfect for dinner parties and entertaining.

Beginning with building a ‘typical first starter project home in Carine’, Debra and Steve have now designed and built five houses over the 40 years they have been together. While they liked their former house, a coastal-look home in Hillarys, they really wanted to give a traditional Long Island look a go and had no doubts about what they wanted when it came to this one, not just in looks and finishes, but in floor plan. “The original floor plan was literally a basic line drawing to scale on a sheet of paper which we took to our builder, ,” says Steve. “We had very clear ideas about light and to ensure all windows had an outlook to the garden. We selected a colour palette early on and selected all interior elements to blend with this.”


I know my own taste in interior design has changed a LOT over the years – and Debra and Steve are another example of people whose personal tastes have evolved. (And who’s to say you can only appreciate one style of architecture or interior design?) “We have always had a passion for exterior and interior design and we really love the Hamptons style of house,” says Debra. “We had to make a decision to stay in Hillarys and renovate, or build our dream house… which we did! We cannot speak highly enough of Novus Homes and their team. We would recommend them to anyone.”

Wanting to build their Hamptons dream home in a leafy suburb on a mid-size flat block with a wide frontage, they thought Wembley Downs would be a perfect suburb to look in and stumbled across their 420sqm block while out on a Sunday drive. The end result is spread over two storeys, with four bedrooms, two bathrooms, a large kitchen with scullery, a dining and family room, second living area and library.

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