All the Advantages of Small Block Living

Land, land, land – and big blocks of land at that. In WA I feel like we’ve always been obsessed with land size. And for decades I think we’ve been subconsciously schooled in the traditional way of thinking, which is to believe that you should seek a bigger block of land whenever you can.

But what if bigger ISN’T always better? I think we are finally experiencing a real shift in the way we think about land size. What if an 800sqm block WASN’T the best fit for you and your lifestyle? What if a small block was much better?

I love these cane chairs (and green wall idea) in the Oakover by Aveling Homes.

When we bought the Crap Shack, I remember one of the features we found so enamouring about it was the land size (more than 700sqm). Compared to the much smaller plots of land and gardens that I’d been looking at in my price range, the bigger parcel of land seemed to present so much freedom.

A small – and lovely – outdoor area at the Ambrook display by Aveling Homes in .

But now, I’ve come to the realisation that if we ever sold this house and were to buy a house again, I would probably actually go for a smaller block (and a more easy-to-maintain garden). Yes, even with a busy toddler now in tow (not to mention our sheepdog cross who needs her daily runs) I would still consider going smaller.

The Mandoon by Aveling Homes has a tidy study nook by the stairs.

When beautiful new concept in living, , reached out to see if we could partner together on a post, the first thing I thought was that we should share something on the advantages of smaller blocks. And why – if you’re house-hunting – thinking about what you need in a home, not what we’ve been told to think about land size, is of primary importance. Thanks to project manager Megan Buckland for chatting to me about all the advantages of small block living for a modern lifestyle.

A smaller block means less of a garden to look after.

Sure, no regrets… but when I bought this house on its 700sqm block, I definitely underestimated my capacity and time for gardening (even though I actually really enjoy gardening). I also had no idea that while my then-boyfriend, now-husband is always more than happy to mow the lawn or get his chainsaw out to prune our trees and make up mulch, he flat-out refuses to weed, put in new plants or look after the veggie patch. It seems like as soon as I’ve tidied one corner of the garden, another has fallen into a tangled jungle.

Now with our family consisting of a two-year-old, two working parents and an active dog who needs her daily (if not twice-daily) exercise, time for gardening doesn’t come around as often. Although I do love our place, when life is a little hectic and the house and garden is a mess I do often think how nice it would be to live somewhere that involved less maintenance, and more drinking coffee in cafes three minutes away.

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