How to Clad Over a Double Brick House

Since we have started our project to rejuvenate the exterior of our house using ™cladding, I have been blown away by the number of people interested in these products and asking me questions about it. I’m not blown away because I’m surprised – I think the products are fantastic – but blown away by how many people have really noticed them.
We don’t think just about how the insides of our houses look – we’re really invested in how the outsides of our homes look too, and we want them to look their best!

One of the main ‘myths’ I have encountered in regards to cladding is that quite a number of people think the cladding HAS to be applied to either an existing weatherboard-clad house OR that it can only be used on a new-build or on an extension. A few people have said to me wistfully, “Ohh, I would love to be able to use Scyon Walls at my place, but I can’t. We have a brick/masonry/fibreboard house.” Well, it’s not the case! Would you be surprised if I told you that you can clad over an existing double-brick or masonry house? You CAN apply Scyon Walls cladding over existing double brick or masonry walls and that’s one of the things I like so much about the product. It’s called overcladding, and it can be a really good way to rejuvenate a dated house’s tired façade or just mix things up by adding a little bit to get a really nice mixed materials look.

The ‘after’ of the house.

There are a few amazing renos doing the social media rounds lately where has been used to overclad and tszuj up an existing house and so often they look so good at first glance I’ve thought it must be a brand-new house. I haven’t even known it’s a double brick or masonry house underneath. How nice does this look, above?

Matt and Kim also recently did an amazing renovation on their show on a 1970s double brick house quite similar to ours which you can see below and , cladding it with Scyon Stria (one of the products I want to use on our reno).


I was also impressed by another 1970s house that got a Scyon Walls makeover – it looks so modern and clean I thought it could easily pass for a new-build. It is the home of builder John Bicanic from Jux Developments, who redesigned the house with Sandy Smedley from Sandra A Smedley Building Design. It features Scyon Stria with metal cladding.


Any of the Scyon external claddings can be used to overclad a brick or rendered home – it’s just about the correct preparations. A cool thing about overcladding is that it is also the kind of project that is within reach of capable DIY renovators. If you are confident in the safe use of power tools, have some previous knowledge or can gain assistance from a tradesperson, and can utilise a little help from family or friends (claddings are best installed with a team of two to three people) you can definitely do this DIY. And that’s what I’m going to be sharing in this post today – some tips on how to clad an existing double-brick or masonry house with Scyon Walls, what the process is, and how to apply Scyon Walls to any fiddly bits, like windows or around utilities. As I’m no carpentry expert myself, I sought an expert opinion from a registered builder with years of Scyon experience, who came round to have a look at our house the other day and give us his advice on how we should overclad it. Here’s his advice for anyone considering a DIY go at overcladding an existing double brick or masonry house.

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