Cook and Clean Perth (and Win a Free House Clean!)

When I first heard of four years ago, my first thought was, “What a good business idea!” I think Little Nerd was about six months old, and the reality of how hard juggling a baby and a job (with a husband on frequent work trips away) had most definitely sunken in by then. I shake my head in embarrassment when I think back to pregnant me sometimes, importantly pinning all these “easy healthy family recipes” on Pinterest – I was SO sure when I was on maternity leave that I’d have all this spare time on my hands, to grocery shop and cook (also remember thinking I might just casually write a novel while the baby sleeps with all that time on my hands. Ahhh! I was so innocent. Dumb and innocent).

Whether you have kids or not, I’m sure most of us have at some stage struggled to maintain a clean house and eat healthy meals. was founded by Leticia Favero, a Brazilian-born woman who could see a niche in the Perth market for a service that offered both cleaning and healthy home cooking. Starting off with just two people, it grew to a team before Leticia changed careers to work in childcare and yoga, and sold the business to current owners, sisters Camila and Carol de Paula Ferreira.

Camila says she loves the satisfaction the job brings – and that her favourite thing about it is getting back from happy clients. “We love good back – and when the house is so messy and they show me before and afters,” she laughs. “It’s so good.”

I’ve been so impressed by the cleans they’ve done at our house – everything sparkles afterward, and I walk around in a happy, relaxed, almost ASMR-induced haze just looking at everything in awe. If you asked me to choose between having a facial at a day spa or having my house cleaned, I’d choose having my house cleaned every time!

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