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Confessions of a Verge Picker

Posted Saturday, September 26, 2015 in: Nerd Life Obsessed With
I have been busy with newborn life lately and haven't had much chance to get stuck into my blog. However, if you miss me (ha! I make funny) a piece I wrote has been published on  !

I am pretty excited and I have to say immodestly that I really do like this story. It is called and it details my love for trawling the streets, staring at people's junk (minds out of the gutter nerds, not that kind of junk).

My old craft room makeover - done on a very tight shoestrong budget with a few vergeside finds! Photo by Heather Robbins of .

You can read the story . I love kerb hunting... it has given us a few things for our home that I really love. Would love to hear if you have ever discovered anything awesome by the side of the road! Maya x

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