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I'm on K Gets Organised!

Posted Friday, March 14, 2014 in: Nerd Life

So I have had so much work on lately I haven’t had much time to blog this week and I am sorry. But if you missed me (ha! I make funny) today I appeared on a gorgeous little blog called , where I was interviewed on how I organise myself and schedule my weeks, and I yak on about how I try to. (A keyword there, 'try'!)

is written by Kelsie White, who I met last year at a workshop held by my friend . Kelsie writes all about personal organisation, motivation and goal-setting, and she is so super-organised and positive that she makes you feel like you can be, too. She is as wise and savvy as a 35-year-old CEO, yet she is only 21 and it is hard to believe that she is sometimes. I wish I was that switched on when I was 21. Mostly all I was doing was seeing if my editor was out of the office so I could sneak onto to gaze in rapture at pictures captioned OMG! PONIEEZZ, or I was watching Gilmore Girls marathons while gorging on Subway cookies and feeling sick afterward. Hey, three for $2.

Me, on a day I was definitely not very well organised... remember my craft room makeover shoot? There's a reason there's bloody paint on my hands! Photo Heather Robbins of .

Anyway around Christmastime, Kelsie asked if she could interview me for an upcoming series she was doing on how creative people keep themselves organised. Which was funny because I felt like I was so NOT organised this Christmas, or for that matter, throughout most of 2013, and everyone else she has interviewed sounds much better at focusing on the task at hand and not getting distracted OMG! PONIES! than I am. But still, you should . She makes me sound cool and accomplished.

Maya x

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