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Silver Screen Style: Carrie's Blue Apartment in Sex and the City

Posted Thursday, October 18, 2012 in: Home Envy

When the sets in a movie are particularly beautiful or interesting, I often get distracted from the story line, start focusing on the backdrops and five minutes later I’ve lost the plot. While I liked her old apartment, Carrie Bradshaw's apartment makeover in the first Sex and the City movie was one of the most distracting movie sets I’ve seen – that glossy white furniture with those bright blue walls… ahhh.

Carrie's Sex and the City apartment is my first feature in Modaokon’s Silver Screen Style section, which will look at gorgeous movie homes and how you can recreate elements from the look at home. This post is dedicated to my sister Natasha – the biggest Carrie fan I know.

I think the major element in Carrie’s apartment redo is obvious – the walls. They took a chance with the paint colour in Carrie’s apartment and it worked – it’s Benjamin Moore Electric Blue (or for similar try Porter’s Paints Avalon).

The bright blue walls are set off by pieces of modern, minimalist white furniture, such as Carrie’s writing desk. “It’s all about the desk. If I find the desk the writing will come,” says Carrie in the movie (below) browsing in a furniture store with Charlotte, who expresses her enthusiasm that Carrie is redesigning her apartment. “Yeah, well, out with the old and… oh, in with the overpriced,” says Carrie, looking at the price tag of a desk in the store.

Luckily SATC style doesn’t have to come with a hefty price tag – the modern BESTA BURS desk from Ikea (above left) is a nice substitute for the glossy white writing desk Carrie ends up choosing, and is just AU $499. Team it with this replica from replica god .

Swatches of pattern add interest in Carrie’s apartment. For an eclectic, colourful fabric just as pretty as the one that covers Carrie’s couches, try Hot House Flowers by .

A lot of people wowed over Carrie’s ‘Love Too’ wallhanging (pictured above) which was by Paul Smith for . I like it but I LOVE the punchy typography of this black and white wall art poster by  (above).

Don't forget scatter cushions. “And Samantha? That pillow cost $300,” says Carrie mildly as she looks at Samantha’s crazy dog dry humping away. I would never spend $300 on a pillow personally so here’s my pick for a fraction of the price -  in Blackberry and this cute  (below right).

Gallery walls – overdone? Well I like to think this trend still has a fair bit of life yet because I love this look, and the gallery wall beyond the bedhead in Carrie’s apartment is beautiful. I love the work of amazing UK graphite artist , whose drawings are as lifelike as photographs. Try her or this – one of Carrie’s idols.

 sell gorgeous, affordable prints on vintage book pages and I can see their  and their Eiffel Tower print (below) fitting perfectly into Carrie’s gallery wall, with Audrey a style icon and Carrie’s love affair with Paris. (And for under AUD $10, I couldn’t resist ordering the Eiffel Tower print for myself).

Vintage fashion drawings would also fit beautifully into a Carrie-style gallery wall, like this classic (top left) or reprints like this 1930s  (top right) this (above left) for evening gowns, or this (above right - I think the woman looks a bit like SJP in her Lovely perfume ads!) Give your gallery wall a cohesive look by displaying individual photos and art pieces that are linked by a similar palette or tie a disparate collection or images together with thick cream or white matt boards.

If you have a shoe collection to rival Carrie's,  has the same modern clean lines as the cabinetry in her new lounge.

A few more pieces - this (top left), put your feet up on this sweet from IKEA (tufted version not available in Oz) and plink your Cosmo down on this glamorous round mirrored coffee table from (or just dream about it - it comes with a pretty impressive price tag!) Finally add a beautiful, delicious scented candle (the Ice Crystal candle from the range is burning on my desk right now - it smells good enough to eat!) and get set to write the night away, Carrie-style. 

Modaokons, I’ll be on the lookout for ideas for this section, so if there’s a movie home you particularly love, I’d love to hear about it! Feel free to comment or email [email protected] The next Silver Screen Style home will be Nina’s stunning warehouse apartment from Offspring.

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