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Posted Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Hey nerds. Some of you have inquired as to my recovery and mental health after my Easter weekend camping experience. I would just like to let you all know I am okay and thank you for your kind words of support during this time. It is nice to know I am not the only one who has gotten sand in a bad place.

Now I want to ask you all a massive favour. The is holding their and my little blog was nominated! Ok I was already going to enter myself anyway but I was totally stoked that someone actually nominated me, although the little squeaky voice in my ear is shouting, “idiot it was probably YOUR MUM.”

to vote for Modaokon!

Anyway I really want to win the ! If you vote for me I will be absolutely stoked -  to vote,it only takes a minute. Just make sure you click ‘done’ at the end to make your vote count. 

And if you could encourage your better/worse half and family to vote as well I will love ALL of you through eternity. I am going to do this voting thing with the same vigour I attacked Cashie Cans when I was six. I will even arm wrestle for your vote.

Ronnie was clearly weakening.

If you Twitter, the competition hashtag is #bestblogs13.

First prize for the People's Choice Award is $1000 worth of courses from the which offers writing courses for pleasure and profit. These encompass online courses as well as classes taught in Melbourne and Sydney that cover everything from how to write travel stories to getting published in magazines to starting a chick lit novel. Having done a bunch of writing classes myself, I think courses are terrific if you are serious about wanting to write. They will get you seriously inspired, motivated and feeling positive about your ideas and your abilities like nothing else.

Thanks guys and mega thanks to everyone who has voted for me already - you Modaokon readers are awesome and six months on from my first post I still get a kick from every single like and comment. Which brings me to a bit of news, yesterday Modaokon got to a thousand likes on Facebook! I was like:

Thanks guys, that made me really happy. You can check out the Modaokon . Off to see another house now (another Iwanoff for you Iwanoff fans!) Maya x

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