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What Does Iwanoff and Brownes Flavoured Milk Have in Common?

Posted Thursday, April 4, 2013 in: Nerd Life

I just had a bit of a laugh. I read a comment on the Iwanoff Paganin House story I wrote last week - Brooke told me she thought she shot an ad at the same house many moons ago for Brownes Chill Bill.

I googled it and came up – yep that is definitely Paganin House! The ad is a Kill Bill spoof with two hot girls in their underwear fighting around the pool. Check it out . Boys, enjoy.

ABOVE: Paganin House today...

... and Paganin House in the ad.  to watch. 

I even remember the ad too. It’s strange seeing somewhere you’ve walked around used in a commercial.

Paganin House was one of the most popular Home Envy houses I’ve written about yet – it was awesome to see how many Modaokon readers are fellow Iwanoff fans! I have good news for you Iwanoff fans . Because Paganin House was so popular I just checked out another Iwanoff in Dianella – here’s a peek. Keep an eye out for it on the blog soon. Maya x

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